"Discover How a Newbie Yoga Meditation Teacher with No Studio Sold 12 Students on a $300 Course ... His first month certified!
Sorry for the cheesy title, but I had to grab your attention. Don't struggle another day selling your classes online -- I'm coaching you directly, step-by-step, on how to set up and manage an effortless online class sales and marketing system. Pay $0 in ads, get $$$ in online students.
  • Pay for a transformation, Get a defined result: This is not an ongoing project, this a 6-Week Coaching Sprint. You will get it done and launched and managed within 6 weeks.
  • 1 year continued support: You will get access to a private Slack channel where you can ask me questions any time.
  • ​Lifetime access to evergreen material:  Every time we make a significant update to our course sales system, you or your assistant are kept up to date on the how and why.


Since I'm guaranteeing your success, I can only offer 5 spots at a time.

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Meet Your Coach

I'm Anthony Polanco: The host of the GodXP Podcast. I'm an Ananda meditation teacher and RYT-200 yoga teacher. I'm also a digital marketing consultant and music artist. My unique blend of skills has made it easy for me to make a living teaching and selling on the Internet. Today I see teachers and studios leaving so much money on the table by not offering online class series; something that would only multiply the leverage of their in-person offerings. I would love to help if that's you.
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